Estey Pipe Organ Roll Scanning Project

A project to scan all of the rolls issued by the Estey Organ Company of their residence organ rolls was started two years ago. The initial scanning was of over 500 rolls in a private collection. A few of these rolls had deteriorated to a point that they could not be fully scanned. The Lady Liberty Chapter of AMICA offered to continue the project by funding postage, from within USA, for additional rolls.

If you have any Estey Organ Rolls and would be willing to send them in for scanning, Lady Liberty Chapter will pay the postage both directions via USPS Media Mail from within USA. Contact person is:

John Dousmanis

Something we do not yet have is the Estey Pipe Organ Catalog(s) "A" and "B" in PDF format. If someone knows if these have already been scanned into PDF format, these files would be appreciated. Alternatevily, a volunteer would be appreciated to scan these 2 catalogs into PDF format.

A data base file of the titles is available below in both PDF and .xls format. It would be best to see what we have scanned already so we do not duplicate shipping.

In its current state, the entire collection in midi type 1 format or midi e_Roll format is available for download, as indicated below. If someone is in need of the .cis and .scn scan files, please contact:

Bill Klinger

The midi files are available in 2 formats - midi type 1 and e-rolls. The zip files below, each containing 507 files, are in midi type 1 and midi e-Roll format.

One format is straight across, tracker bar hole to note, with the second row of holes moved up to fit the first row. The playable format is three channels with Manual 1, channel 1; Manual 2, channel 2; stops and shades on channel 10.

As a note, the Estey rolls have 125 perforations which include 9 stops and controls in addition to the 116 perforations on the Aeolian-Skinner residence organ rolls. The 116 note perforations match up note for note to the Estey rolls.

A zip file containing 507 Estey pipe organ midi files in midi type 1 format by be fetched by clicking on:

Estey Midi Files

A zip file containing 507 Estey pipe organ midi files in e-roll format by be fetched by clicking on:

Estey e-Roll Midi Files

An .xls spreadsheet listing of the files may be fetched by clicking on:

List of Estey scan files in .xls format

For those unable to open an .xls spreadsheet file, the same data (roll#/title/composer) may be fetched by clicking on:

List of Estey scan files in PDF format (Roll#/Title/Composer)

Estey Roll Catalog, Volume 1

Estey Roll Catalog, Volume 2

Typical Estey Pipe Organ with Roll Player

Residence Organ with Automatic Player Mechanism - Available in 2 or 3 manual versions, commonly most, or all , stops were available at either keyboard, providing greater flexibilty from just a few ranks of pipes. The company produced hundreds of rolls of popular and classical songs for this instrument.